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Our Services


The Guild offers a complete range of mechanical services from minor tune-ups to complete mechanical rebuilding. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of automotive history and we have rebuilt engines ranging from single cylinder antiques to twelve-cylinder power houses from far more modern exotics.


Our paint jobs range from elegant finishes to wild flip-flop flame jobs. The paint shop uses the finest paints available. We also perform simple blow-ins as well as full custom paint jobs.

Our automotive artists combine high paint skills with a true artistic soul that shows in his paint and airbrush artwork. If you need a paint job or a just some touch ups, please contact us.


Few shops offer upholstery at the level which we are capable. While many can recover your seats, in some cases we have to actually make the seats, roof bows and irons and all the interior trim and equipment found in classic cars.

If you want the finest leather interiors replicated exactly or perhaps a fully custom and original interior of your own design, just give us a ring. We look forward to hearing from you.


The Guild represents a company dedicated to the preservation and utilization of the craft. We fabricate to original standards and are capable of making a complete body from the chassis up, repairing and replacing sections in existing coachwork or modifying an existing body to your specifications.


If you are thinking of bringing your car in for work, we offer transportation to and from The Guild. We have a single vehicle enclosed trailer and professional driver who handles your vehicle with the utmost care it deserves.


Do you need the perfect spot to store your prized possession? Not only do we offer complete and comprehensive services to the collector car hobby, we also offer indoor storage in our pristine climate controlled secured building in a confidential location. We understand the importance of storing a vehicle properly whether it is for seasonal or for long term storage. Call us for more information about storing your vehicle, boat or trailer seasonally or month to month.

Antique & Classic Car Sales

We sell cars with the same attention to detail that we use in our restoration. Cars are marketed worldwide and we have no problem shipping anywhere on the globe. Our inventory is always rotating so keep an eye on this section - as you never know when your dream car could pop up for sale!

We aim to make all transactions perfectly transparent for both parties. Providing documents, photographs and accurate descriptions of all aspects of the vehicle we'll help you make an informed decision and avoid surprises on delivery. If there is anything unanswered please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. We are here to make your purchase as painless as possible.

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Restoration Garage

(Season 8 coming soon)

David Grainger - Restoration Garage

Eccentric entrepreneur David Grainger might like to fly planes, ride horses and race boats but his true love has led him to one career and there is nothing blue-collar about it. At The Guild of Automotive Restorers, David Grainger and his team save the world's rarest classic vehicles. From re-building a one-of-a-kind turn of the century French De Dion, to recreating the multi million dollar Bugatti Aerolithe or by getting the engine of a 1969 Plymouth GTX roaring back to life.

David's crew of automobile mavericks turn rust into gold and deal with all the dents along the way. However, it is not just about the cars. David scours the planet's most elite auctions with friend and investment partner Larry Burns. They often bring back four wheeled gems to fix-and-flip. Shop manager Greg Bowler keeps the restoration garage machine running smoothly.

TV Guild Garage (Canada) or Restoration Garage (US)

BugatchiAND for all those people who have been asking...David's shirts are tailored by Bugatchi (Seasons 4 & 5)
Robert Graham (Season 3)