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1938 Co-op #2


Asking $6,700 USD + Applicable Taxes.

This is an interesting and very rare little tractor. It is a second generation Co-op #2 and in very nice condition.

It had not run for a while even though it was mechanically rebuilt, but once we got the bad gas out of her, cleaned the tank and carb and cleared the sediment in her lines, she fired right up as if she last ran yesterday.

The Co-ops were an effort by the Farmer’s Union to create a more affordable tractor. Before the war the #1 and #2 were built exclusively for Co-op. After the war Co-op sold rebranded Cockshutt tractors. Sales declined and Cockshutt bought them out in 1952 and cancelled the brand.

Call or Email The Guild of Automotive Restorers for more details.

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