The Guild's new Wingman Group

The Guild of Automotive Restorers Wingman Group

Personal consultations with The Guild's experts

The Guild of Automotive Restorers is proud to announce a new program called the Wingman Group aimed at providing service to all enthusiasts in the antique, classic and collectible car hobby.

Many readers of this publication might feel rightly or wrongly that The Guild, or for that matter any good restoration shop is too expensive to take your car to. Instead you have opted to do it yourself and after all, that really is the purest form and most satisfying part of the hobby. Nothing beats being able to say, "Hey I restored this car myself!"

Mind you it is really easy to get stuck when you are restoring a car in your own garage and sometimes finding parts or someone with the right kind of experience to answer your questions can seem like an insurmountable hurdle. This is especially true if you have had a lot of bad advice. Let's face it, everyone, no matter what their expertise likes to give advice, but if you take the wrong advice from a guy you met at the local cruise it can cost you hundreds and often thousand of dollars in lost time, unnecessary purchases and work that may have to be redone.

In order to make the life of the amateur classic car restorer easier The Guild is implementing a member program that you can join and receive phone or emailed advice from the experts, your new Wingmen at The Guild. Their guidance and technical support combined with The Guild's world spanning contact base for parts and information can help you with your project from start to finish.

We will also provide members with reduced rates on services such as carburetor, generator and electrical system repairs, things that the average hobbyist may find at least daunting and at worst impossible to do on their own.

We can guide you through the teardown, parts refurbishing, mechanical build, chroming and trim repair, interior work and paint and body and when it comes time to do the paint itself you can even choose to have The Guild's artisans paint it for you at a reduced member's only shop rate in The Guild's facility.

We can provide you with parts acquisition as well using the immense contact list that The Guild has established over the last twenty five years. This is a service that The Guild has never provided to anyone but our clients despite dozens of request per month from people all over North America and the world looking for parts for their projects. You will have a direct line to The Guilds parts manager and the resources at his disposal.

So how much will this cost? There will be a yearly 60 dollar membership fee. For this you will receive a membership id number which will identify you and your project when you call or email. You will also get a copy of Guild founder David Grainger's book which you can use as a guide and reference during your restoration. This book is a compilation of newspaper and magazine articles that Mr. Grainger has published over the years and which cover almost all aspects of restoring old automobiles. For any work that you sub to The Guild such as paint or technical tasks that you are uncomfortable performing yourself you will receive a members shop fee of 75 per hour, substantially less than the standard shop rate.

You will have a fifteen minute introductory call to discuss your project and outline your ambitions and expectations. This allows us to set you up in our system and get to know you a bit.

Consultations after the initial fifteen minutes will be billed at a mere one dollar per minute and emails will billed at five dollars per email for emails of less than one page in length.

Parts acquisition and any materials that you may need will be billed at ten percent over The Guild's cost plus shipping and handling.

There is no limit on the amount of advice you seek, we will be there for you through the entire project from push in to roll out and you will receive the best advice we have to offer. Remember that this expertise has been built up over a twenty five year period and during the restoration of well over fifteen hundred automobiles.

As a member of The Guild's new Wingman Group you will no longer be alone to agonize over your car's restoration. Instead we'll have your back to steer you away from costly mistakes and help you get your project out where it belongs, the road under the warm summer's sun.

For more information about the Wingman Group call us at 905-775-0499
Or by email