Research & Development

The Guild of Automotive Restorers

One of the factors that can make restoring and customizing cars so interesting and challenging is that every project is different and comes with its own individual problems and solutions. Many projects require extensive research and development to ensure accuracy of the restoration or in the case of hot rods, feasibility and safety. The Guild of Automotive Restorers
The Guild recently replicated the Aerolithe on the earliest T 57 chassis know to exist, 57104 and the car, as was claimed in the original, was created out of magnesium and faithful to every design and construction techniques employed by the Bugatti works. The Aerolithe was lost to the world some time after Jean Bugatti's death, either a victim of stripping for parts or destroyed in the maelstrom of war. Its brief existence and mysterious disappearance has caused controversy ever since and in fact only twelve photographs of the car exist along with a handful of drawings of some small mechanical components and one painting created by one of the Bugatti engineers as a gift for Jean Bugatti. As you can imagine, extensive research was required.