Mechanical & Road Testing

The Guild of Automotive Restorers offers complete and comprehensive services to the collector car hobby. Among those services is engine rebuilding from exotic V-12 Ferrari motors, Rolls Royce or Cord to Chevy Flame Sixes, Packard Straight Eights and Model T four cylinders.

We offer complete servicing for collector cars, from light tune-ups to tracking down persistent and troublesome problems. The final stage is making sure everything runs smoothly. Numerous road tests are carried out to ensure your vehicle is safe and operates correctly.

We check the following during a road test:
  • all hardware and make sure everything is tight
  • all fluid levels and top up
  • the alignment
  • that the drivetrain is running properly
  • that the transmission is shifting properly
  • noises, squeaks and rattles
  • instrumentation is working and functioning properly
  • wind noise
  • brakes
  • tires
  • front end

When the car returns from the road test, all adjustments are made and then the vehicle is road tested again. We try to test it for a minimum of 100 miles weather permitting.

The car comes back for a final polish before delivery or pick up.