Dismantling, Labelling & Photography

The Guild of Automotive Restorers

The first stage of restoration is to take numerous pictures. We take many pictures of every angle of the exterior including the undercarriage. Any unusual or broken pieces need to be photographed and every part of the entire car, interior and exterior, gets photographed and logged into a log book. The engine is photographed from several angles prior to disassembly.
The Guild of Automotive Restorers The kick panel and door panels, headliners, dash, trim pieces are removed and care is taken not to ruin old interior pieces; most are very flimsy but may be needed as patterns to duplicate new pieces. The windows in doors are logged carefully to describe fasteners, levers, rollers and other mechanical devices used for window operation. The Guild of Automotive Restorers
The camera cannot get into the door cavity so pictures must be drawn of complex door assemblies. The body panels are removed if fastened and each stage of removal is photographed and logged. The wiring harnesses can be complex and brittle and must be completely removed. The Guild of Automotive Restorers

Brakes and other assemblies connecting the body to the frame are removed. The mechanics continue to disassemble the remainder of the suspension, steering, differential, and brake parts from frame assembly. The base frame is now ready for sandblasting or dipping.

At this point there could be well over one thousand pictures taken and catalogued and the car has not even had any restoration work done.