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The Guild of Automotive Restorers

The degree of authenticity of a car is up to the owner. Some of us are far more demanding when it comes to originality than others. I have customers who are just as insistent that their 70's cars are absolutely original as I do with the older cars, and I have found that these cars are often just as difficult to research and locate the correct parts as their older brethren. When does a restoration become hot rodding? There is a very fuzzy line here, and yet all of us easily recognize a Hot Rod or Custom when we see it. The Guild of Automotive RestorersBut what about the car that is entirely original in appearance and yet when you open the hood a new engine or driveline pops out at you. Is it restored or is it a custom? Truth is it is a custom. As soon as any major alterations are made to a car such as driveline replacement, frame alterations, interior change over (from dowdy cloth to tuck and roll perhaps) then a car really cannot be called restored. Don't get me wrong, a custom car is just as valid as a restored one, and there is certainly no less work, love and attention lavished on a custom. Customs are often even more expensive to do than a restoration and they are a wonderful way for an owner to express what he or she wants out of their car above and beyond choosing an off the shelf representative. The Guild of Automotive Restorers Different cars have different purposes and owners have different expectations. There are cars that are restored or customized for the single purpose function of being shown either at Concours shows in the case of restored cars, or at custom shows and they compete for trophies, prizes and money. Both fields are subject to the same excesses and competition is very stiff. Significant research is required for some models.