Assembly Work

The Guild of Automotive Restorers

One of the larger problems facing anyone restoring a car is the availability of parts and the relative taboo on replacing original parts with more modern or more easily available replacements. The Guild of Automotive Restorers At what point does a car depart from restored car to custom or hot rod and how permissible is it to alter a car's initial equipment so that it is a safer vehicle to drive. The Guild of Automotive Restorers No matter what you drive, if it is over twenty years of age chances are you can't call the dealership and order a part without generating a snicker.

Some cars are fairly easy to locate parts for such as 57 Chevs and Model A's but that ease also depends on what specific part you need. Try finding an unbent, unrusted, unwarped and not too thin brake drum for a Model A. Not as easy as you would think despite the availability of part sources. If your tastes run to cars that are a little off the beaten track then the ability to locate parts is made just a little bit more difficult. The Guild of Automotive Restorers Now begins the task of assembling all the pieces together. This can take some time since the one part needed before progressing further is going to take longer to ship than expected. Adding to the delays can be Customs issues if they are being shipped from another country.

All those pictures taken during disassembly are really valuable now that the car has to be reassembled.