1984 DeTomaso Pantera GT5

1984 DeTomaso Pantera GT5

The Pantera was descended from the Mangusta and refined many of the features first found in the older car.

The Pantera was originally sold through Ford dealers in North America however its $12,000 to $14,000 price tag at a time when a Roll was $12,000 and a nice CAD + HST & Licensingillac $6,000 hardly caused these cars to fly off the shelf.

They were popular in press and the dreams of both young and old boys and the design became a stereotype for stunning Italian coachwork.

The cars lean and squat continental good looks belied the fact that under its skin beat a heart of American muscle with the engine bay full of a Ford Cleveland 351 big block matched to a ZF transmission, the same transmission used by the famous Ford GT 40s.

This particular car was a late build 1984 GT5 which was one of the most refined Pantera’s from both a luxury standpoint and one of engineering.

This car was restored and lightly customized by The Guild a few years ago and it is now a stunning automobile.

The paint is a rich deep black cherry which appears black until sunlight or evening street lights sets of halos and ripples of glowing cherry highlights.

The engine was left largely stock with a mild cam and a touch more carburation than stock, but nothing over the top on a car that requires no modifications to be fast. The wheels were custom made for the car and it carries a stainless exhaust which barks growls and at speed warrants the moniker “ground pounder”.

The transmission was removed and hundreds of hours were spent polishing every nook and cranny until it glows as if it were chromed.

The interior was left alone as to touch it wound have been to Guild the lilly. It is finished in rich original leathers, immaculate carpets and the wood work is only slightly crazed as befits her age.

All in all this is a car that really warrants the name exotic. That is until you fire it up and then it is 100 percent American muscle.

The car is original and has been built with race specifications.


The car went through an extensive restoration ($85,000 in receipts).

New paint, rebuilt engine, polished gearbox. Genuine GT5. Perfect condition. No rust.

It is a genuine and original GT5.

Information on the 1984 DeTomaso Pantera GT5

Paint: Black

Interior: Burgundy

Transmission: Manual

Condition: Mint

Location: Barrie, Ontario

Price: SOLD

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