1964 Turbo-Sonic Dragster

1964 Turbo-Sonic Dragster

I first came upon Turbo-Sonic in a collection of film cars in San Diego California. It was my good fortune to acquire it along with George Barris's Supervan and a number of other interesting custom cars and it has been at the Guild for many years now. I always wanted to restore the car but one of the greatest obstacles facing a restoration was the fact that the engine and v drive were missing. I felt that replacing them with something else would compromise the integrity and historical value of this interesting survivor from the sixties California Hot Rod culture.

Recently I had the good fortune to discover a Turbonique motor in Minneapolis. It was owned by the famous Hollywood stuntman and legendary Rocketeer Ky Michaelson who is better known as quite simply the Rocketman. I travelled to his home and brought the rocket fuelled turbine back with me. Believe it or not less than six weeks later we found exactly the v drive that was used in the car so we now had all the components to begin an accurate restoration.

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