1934 Oldsmobile Cabriolet

1934 Oldsmobile Cabriolet

There is little doubt that some of the most beautiful cars of all time emerged in the 1930s.

This was in all likely hood due to the poor economic times where hundreds of manufacturers vied to build cars that got the public's attention and attracted what few buyers were out there.

While some of the most dramatic designs were found on high end luxury cars even lower priced models were the beneficiaries of some stunningly beautiful design. Mid to late thirties Fords are spectacular examples of this as are some of the Chrysler and General Motors cars. Art Deco which flourished not just on gallery walls but was pervasive in architectural and industrial design contributed greatly to the breath taking 30s automobiles.

The Cord is a great American example of Art Deco as are the coach built streamliners issuing from European companies like Bugatti, Talbot Delahaye and Alfa Romeo.

Many of the more mainstream models exhibited function ties to elegant styling. A wonderful example of this is the 1934 Oldsmobile and perhaps the most striking example of this and the rarest is the Oldsmobile Cabriolet of which there were only 6 examples produced.

This particular car has won several awards over time including its senior at Hershey and has been toured and enjoyed.

While I would normally not include beige as one of my colour choices for a thirties car on this particular car is absolutely stunning under its coat of deep beige paint with orange belt lines and orange ornamentation on its wheels. It is also dripping in chrome and the rear leaning front grill adorned with an art deco dancer as a mascot assures this design amongst the great art deco cars to emerge from Detroit.

This car was beautifully restored back in the 90s and has had a recent re-spray to freshen the paint. There are a few flaws in this paint, easily fixed and for some reason a Model A style running board rubber was mounted both sides and sloppily trimmed with it appears and Exacto knife.

Other than that the car is like new, especially under the hood which is beautifully detailed and shows the care and expertise that went into the cars original restoration.

We will be repairing the few paint flaws and replacing the running board rubber and then the car will be absolutely ready for show or touring.

The current owner is going to offer it for sale and I should imagine the price will be set around the 75 thousand dollar mark. In my opinion that is pretty fair for such a rare and beautiful car.

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