1909 Locomobile Model 30

1909 Locomobile Chassis #2030

The car is original and has been built with race specifications.


This Locomobile Model 30 is a rare early example of a speedster. The heavy coachwork has been replaced by the bare essentials: two bucket seats, a large fuel tank, light fenders, and a couple of spare tires strapped to the back. This machine has been adapted to squeeze out as much speed and performance as possible. Obviously the Mercer race-about served as a model for this speedster. The mechanical systems of the two cars are very similar: 4.5 inch x 4.5 inch T-head four cylinder motor, four-speed transmission, bevel shaft drive rear end, oversized brakes, multiple disk clutch, right hand drive with outboard shift and brake. One big difference between the Mercer and Loco was that the Loco cost almost a third more when new! The small bucket seats and large fuel tank and carefully shaped fender come together in a handsome and well-proportioned car. The admiration of the Mercer is evident even in the artillery wheels' having been changed to the Mercer size – lowering the chassis and improving road handling. The fuel tank, spare tire brackets, and bucket seats are quite obviously very old pieces. These items are high quality pre-war components and potentially indicate that this car had been converted very early in its existence.

This Locomobile has been a known participant in the antique hobby for over 60 years. The car was invited to participate in the 50th anniversary of the running of the Vanderbilt Cup race in Long Island. It was awarded a beautiful engraved and cloisonné plaque for second prize -- the plaque still adorns the car's dashboard. Peter Helck with his Old Sixteen, Henry Austin Clarke, Al Poole, and Joe Tracy attended this high-profile event. The car was listed for sale in the 1960s, with its $7500 asking price nearly triple the price of the Mercedes S listed on the same page!

The chassis is remarkably original and highly correct; even the original muffler is in place and in nice order. The brass work is very fine and fitting of such a quality car. The removable leather upholstery is in excellent order. The car is finished off with fine brass lighting, including a monocle windshield and Rushmore spot lamp.

It is very unusual to find a speedster on such a high quality chassis and one with such long established history. This car is certain to be great fun and a real attention getter at any HCCA touring event. With Mercer race-abouts and Stutz Bearcats trading in the million dollars plus range, this pedigreed speedster represents a great opportunity to acquire a sporting pre WWI example of one of America's greatest cars.

Information on the 1909 Locomobile

Paint: Black

Interior: Black

Transmission: Manual

Condition: Mint

Location: Bradford, Ontario

Price: will be auctioned at The RM AMELIA ISLAND Auction 8 March 2014 Without Reserve
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