The Batmobile Project

Restoration Project by The Guild of Automotive Restorers

The Batmobile

The Batmobile is one of the world's most recognized and certainly one of the most fun cars of all time. It started life as a 1955 prototype car designed by Ford and called the Lincoln Futura. After its show days were over, it was used in a Debbie Reynolds movie called "It Started With A Kiss" made in 1959. After that, it disappeared into a back lot storage until 1966 when it was purchased by George Barris and converted into the form which made it world famous.

Barris, known as the King of Kustomizers, spent less than a thousand dollars turning the Futura into the Batmobile. With its first appearance on the series, the Batmobile became a hit and has continued to be one, as each new generation sees the series in syndication. Today there are several cars, reputedly five long wheel base and four short wheel base examples.

This car came from the west coast and was in very poor shape. The frame was broken and unstable, the motor, a 429 Cobra Jet, on its last legs, and the body and interior were abused and stripped of all their Batgoodies.

We were commissioned by the owner to restore the car, no expense spared, and turn it into the finest Batmobile in the world. To that end, other Batmobiles across North America were visited, and people involved in the series consulted. Research unearthed original parts in San Diego, California which were purchased along with original plans and photographs. Eight months later, the Batmobile was completed and it is indeed, the finest ever created. The cost was over $150,000.00.

The car was equipped with all its original Batgear, including the chain cutter in the front of the nose, Anti-Crime Computer in the truck, Batphone (an original), view screens, locators, smoke screens, rocket launchers and a burner in the tail which launches a fifteen foot flame. The rebuilt 429 pushes it down the road very quickly and it handles and drives at high speeds like a sports car.

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