Bugatti Type 59 Built by The Guild of Automotive Restorers

Restoration Project by The Guild of Automotive Restorers

The missing parts for the Bugatti were either found or fabricated to specification

The body was entirely hand made

The Type 59 was the ultimate evolution of Ettore Bugatti's legendary Grand Prix racing dynasty. Only a handful were built of what many consider to be one of the most beautiful racing cars of all time.

The major parts for this magnificent automobile, along with hundreds of minor parts, were obtained from the Bugatti factory shortly after its final closure. These parts had remained warehoused until we discovered them seven years ago.

The mechanical components, chassis and meticulously crafted body shell were assembled using exact Bugatti specifications from original factory drawings, plans and blueprints. This process took a team of highly skilled craftsmen three years to complete, rendering a car that is superlative in every detail.

To the connoisseur and sophisticated collector the Bugatti name is not only legendary, it carries a certain magic. A glittering racing record, spectacular and innovative engineering and beautiful styling have imbued the Bugatti Marque with a fame and glamour unique in the automotive world. Indeed, it can be said that no premiere collection is complete without a Bugatti.

Few can ever own a Bugatti, fewer still a car such as this.

T59 Bugatti Type 3.3 Litre GP

This car was assembled from a collection of original parts from Molsheim that have been warehoused since the factory was dismantled in 1963. Where necessary new parts were manufactured by us from the original factory plans and blueprints. The original T-59 parts were from a stockpile of racing parts which were either used by the team, stored as unused spares and in some cases were actually unfinished factory parts. These partially completed factory parts were fascinating because they revealed some of the manufacturing processes used by the factory.

Our commission on this car was to create an entirely perfect car, absolutely correct in every detail, and to do this we have traveled widely gathering parts, plans and information on these cars, the last Grand Prix cars of Ettore Bugatti.

In many cases during the building we refused to compromise the quality of the car in order to save money, even when the part in question would be undetectable short of dismantling the entire car. We also used original parts if they could be located, even if they needed a great deal of work and would cost substantially more than casting or fabricating new.

The Type 43 Grand Sport is one of the most desirable of the cars from Molsheim. It has a supercharged straight eight 2.3 Litre engine and is virtually a road going version of the Type 35B Grand Prix Car. It was probably the fastest road car available in its time.

As a note on this car: it has not been created as a museum piece incapable of running or being driven as many of these cars have been. It is and has always been our intention to craft this car as Ettore would have demanded, and now that it is complete we fully expect the car to be capable of running in a Vintage Race, although there are a few alterations and modernizations we would suggest for safety's sake if a purchaser wants to race the car.

Technical details

Engine - 3.3 litre Bugatti motor (super charged) Original cylinder head, cam boxes and external components such as oil tubes, brackets etc. New cam shafts, pistons etc.

The super charger is complete and internally it is state of the art and would be expected to last for thousands of miles without tear down. Externally it is exactly a Bugatti unit.

Chassis - frame re-forged from original spec. and pulled from original hammer jig. Suspension components are mostly original factory (springs, arms etc.)

The radiator and shell is an original and in excellent condition.

The body is completely coach built and when we measured from original plans we had less than one millimeter variation on dimension overall.

The wheels are the famous Type 59 Wire and gear disc and perfect in every detail. Tires are the original pattern Dunlop and the rear tires are slightly larger than the front, as per spec.

This car has been spared no expense during the course of its building, and the fact that all components that needed to be remanufactured have been drawn off original Molsheim drawings and blueprints has served to make this car perfect.

Bugatti Type 59 3.3L

Cam Holders

11G + 17 by rocker oil inlet, 9G on cover

23D + 9 by rocker oil inlet, 38D on cover

Cam holder caps 28D + Location # (ie. 1,2,3...)

(Cam Box Covers) 11G + Location # (ie. 1,2,3...)

Block/Cylinder head

"- 0, 15" Top Cover

Original brand new factory 3.3L cylinder head. Before usage still packed in factory cosmolene.


"4" on gear cover at output end

"6 or 9" on gear select gate interior gear clusters largely original and new, bushings etc. have been replaced

Differential Cover

Both halves have "2" stamped on top at input + "2" on brass ring at input

One half has "2" at 12 o'clock above axle and "D" at 5-5:30 below axle

Other half has "1" at 12 o'clock

Interior gears largely original and new, new bearings etc.

Water Pump/Oil Pump Drive

Oil Drive

Small "EB" on inner boss for input (at 12 o'clock facing piece)

"205" at 12 o'clock exposed

"AD" on rim of oil pump drive output

Water Pump

"EB" enclosed in border on brass adjustable seal cap

"EB" on brass bearing inside water pump

Radiator Filler Cap

"Brevete" S.G.D. No. 358

Small "o" on inside of cap at hinge + small "o" on hinge base


(Top engine side) Metal tag with logo (winged triangle in a circle with teeth/spline on outside)

"Garantie No. 492820"

(Front side) Bugatti logo at top, small winged logo at bottom "Chaussen"


Chassis cross members, rear, center and front are original.

Pedals- Brake and clutch.

Steering box and steering parts

original- cast letters T-59 on box , steering links, ball joints, drag links etc. have hardness stamps.

Front Springs

Left - On under side, "31" on spring clamp, and "3" on center rivet (not seen)

Right - Same as above, has "12" on spring clamp

Spring Mounts

Left - "EB 2" at 1 o'clock

Right - "D" at 12 o'clock

King Pin Caps

"EB D" inside both

Front axle and collar

Original - flex bar inside center not original and has been welded in sometime in the past. It does not affect looks or safety of front axle so was left in place. A correct original can be provided with car if a purchaser requires it.

Rear Mounts

Brass insert round "EB" at 12 o'clock

"Bugatti" across centre, "Molsheim (Alsace)" following radius of insert

Also "MH2" stamped below insert

Rear Springs

Both have "61137", one has "24", the other "23"

Also both have "Lemoine"

The one with "24" has "MS 34"

Two Zenith Carburetors -Original factory-

These Carbs were made exclusively for the Type 59 and are alcohol specialized.

"52 K1 No. 1"

Zenith Lyon

"52 K1 Zenith"

No. 17 Lyon

Other original parts

Steering wheel, Knock offs, Filler caps both gas and radiator, oil pump.

Many fittings and parts such as air pump on cam box.

Rear axle tubes, differential gears, shafts etc.

Note - Instruments are correct reproductions as is the mag and mag carrier.

Tower gears are a mixture of original N.O.S. and newly made.

Crank is a new crank - A factory crank could be supplied but would not be advisable to use as we suspect deterioration and some fatigue.

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