1941 Mercury Sedan

Job #761 by The Guild of Automotive Restorers

The Merc

Project #761

The Merc, as John and Sue have always referred to it, is unique since it has been in John's family since the day it left the showroom in Youngston, Ohio in 1941. It has been passed from generation to generation and Sue and John want Emily to take it when they can no longer show it. It is a cherished possession because it is attached to so many memories.

This was one of the last 1941 Mercury's manufacture and sold to civilians. It was purchased by George J. an uncle of John P Sr. (Jack). Jack the nephew of George married Betty J. of Salem, Ohio, on October 6, 1943. George loaned them the Mercury for their honeymoon. But since it was during the height of rationing during WWII, friends gave them enough gas coupons to get to Columbus, Ohio.

Lydia , wife of George drove the car until she was 93 years old. She had it painted gray at a local shop. She gave up driving after a minor fender bender and gave the car to John P. Sr. In 1960 Jack drove the car from Youngstown, OH to Cleveland, OH. Crossed Lake Erie by ferry to Detroit, MI and then drove the car to Flint, MI where he was living. Jack and John Jr. restored the car completely themselves, rebuilding the engine and rewiring the entire car and painted it blue. Jack drove the car to work every day for several years and then gave it to John Jr. in 1964. It was John's car during high school and college. He spent most of his free time in or under the car. He kept it in peak condition. He and his buddies, who called the car the "blue bomb", used it to get around Flint, going to football games and parties. John Jr. drove it to his senior prom and high school graduation. They obtained Michigan historical plate in 1966 when John Jr. bought a new car and stopped driving the Merc on a regular basis. The Merc then sat in a rented garage in Flint and was not driven or maintained and due to a leaking (falling) roof suffered a great deal of damage.

The title was transferred to John Jr. after the death of John Sr. in 1977. The car was moved to South Carolina where because there was no garage, it sat outside for 4 years. It was moved back to Michigan in 1981 and again sat outside for another 4 years. In 1984 it was put up on blocks in the barn, where it stayed for 22 years. It was inhabited by mice and accumulated a great deal of rust and the rubber parts degraded badly. Due to the fact that John and Sue were building careers, developing a company, raising their daughter Emily and participating in community affairs and attending horse shows the Merc sat – waiting for the day that John would again restore it. Betty J. (mom) always wanted the car restored to the condition when it was her honeymoon car. Emily always wanted the Merc restored so she could "ride in it in the local Williamston, MI parades". The lack of time and money kept things on hold until October of 2003 when it was sent to The Guild of Automotive Restorations Inc. in Bradford, Ontario for restoration "to original condition". Restoration was completed in September, 2005.

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