1942 Alfa Romeo

Restoration Project #1165

"The Pininfarina cabriolet restoration is nearly at a close. In recent months the 6C2500 chassis and suspension components have been painted and reassembled. It is now at full rolling chassis status. The body skins are nearly ready for final paint so that all of final assembly can be completed. During the time where the 67 year old aluminum skins were being prepared for install and paint the entire interior was restored. New leather seat covers made from the originals in exactly the same colour and shade look phenomenal and have been installed on the newly re-upholstered seats. The steering wheel, which was one of the very few original pieces that did not survive, was completely recreated on site at the Guild utilizing extensive research and photographs to match the original "Anti-Seismic" steering wheel as closely as possible.

The research has also yielded proof that as special as we knew this cabriolet already was, that it was used personally by Battista Pininfarina as a statement to the directors of the 1946 Salon De L'Auto. With the shroud of war lifting across Europe there were still tensions between countries and Italy was among the countries barred from appearing at the Salon. Battista Pininfarina and his son, Sergio, drove two cars to Paris to make a statement. Sergio drove a Lancia Aprillia while his father drove an Alfa Romeo 6C2500. When they arrived in Paris after a 15 hour drive they quickly washed the cars and displayed them in front of the Salon so that all that entered had to pass by and view them. It was credited as Pininfarina's "own personal Anti-Salon" and Pininfarina was told he had earned his spot in the next years Salon. The Alfa Romeo that Pininfarina took to Paris to make this audacious statement is the very same Alfa we are restoring. With everything waiting in the wings then it is only a matter of final paint before everything can come together to conclude this wonderful project."

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