1936 Custom Cord by The Guild of Automotive Restorers 1936 Custom Cord by The Guild of Automotive Restorers 1936 Custom Cord by The Guild of Automotive Restorers

A new Figoni Falaschi body style for a 1936 Cord Westchester, a truly coach built car.

Orchid; a custom bodied 1936 Cord 810. Envisioned as a tribute to the art deco movement in the 1930's, Gordon Buehrig's legendary design is married with the hallmark features of European coachbuilders.

A Figoni et Falaschi- inspired fin executed in riveted copper sweeps down from the roof, arching as it drops down the rear and disappears under the tail. Wheel skirts with accentuating cut outs clothe extended rear fenders.

A one-piece tilt front end entirely in steel heads up the body. The Cord's distinctive coffin nose and pontoon fenders benefit from a rounded, softer hood profile. Grille louvers have been repositioned and re-angled to eliminate the previous coffin nose effect.

Engine: Supercharged Jaguar 3 1/2 liter, DOHC inline 6 in race tune.

Suspension: Tried and true Mustang II front suspension with 5-lug rotors.

Features: Hand Formed copper trim mouldings and bright work in plated copper.

Colour: At this point the paint will be a Dark Orchid Blue and the interior will be a Light Orchid Blue.

1936 Terraplane by The Guild of Automotive Restorers 1936 Terraplane by The Guild of Automotive Restorers 1936 Terraplane by Guild of Automotive Restorers

This is an interesting project for lovers of high performance cars.

This obscure coupe arrived at The Guild with simple instructions from the owner: Build me a cool rod that I can drive!

Well, in no time at all the body was surgically removed from the chassis in preparation for a new, custom designed chassis and frame made by The Guild.

Next comes the ultimate transplant - replacing the tired old six-banger with ten cylinders of reptilian fury. That's right. The new Viper crate motor, six speed transmission and EFI computer shouldn't have too hard a time delivering dependable, dealer-serviceable drivability. Not to mention tire smoking! Earth shaking' buddy-gonna-shut-you-down ear to ear grins.

The Terraplane also features billet aluminum 1930's aircraft accents throughout the car like the door handles and the one of a kind custom created headlights, etc.

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1933 Ford Hot Rod by The Guild of Automotive Restorers

Customized Aluminum Features:

  • Seat controls and switch bezel
  • Power window switch bezels
  • Firewall, tail light bezel, third brake light bezel
  • Central control panel switch
  • Running board supports
  • Hood side panel vent covers


  • Custom made in blue, purple and silver


  • PPG Prizmatique tri-coat formulation of fuschia over metallic blue

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Ghost 1950 Mercury Sedan by The Guild of Automotive Restorers

The "Ghost" body is handcrafted.

When the owners, first brought their 1950 Merc to us, she was pretty rusty. Before we could do anything to the car, we had to restore the basic shell and make it structurally sound. Nick wanted us to do a radical custom job using no fiberglass, no vinyl, and nothing off the shelf, but he still wanted it to be a real drivable car.

Ghost is a 1950 Mercury sedan that defies description. Pull out a customizer's dictionary and browse the list of adjectives used to describe a custom chopped-decked-nosed-shaved-frenched-tunneled-slammed-moulded-blown they all apply.

Featured throughout is a level of craftsmanship and ingenuity for which The Guild is known.

Engine: Chevy 350, supercharged with a Paxton blowing through three deuces on a Offenhauser manifold.

Transmission: TH 350

Differential: Narrowed Ford Nine Inch Rear Axle


  • Sikkens pearl tri-coat with ghost flames in four hues
  • Interior completely re-designed, stitched in pearl white and pastel leather
  • Unique hand built console and switch panel housing illuminated glass push buttons
  • Slotted fender skirts moulded into the quarter panels that hinge upwards at the push of a button.
  • Sculpted flames in solid polished alloy which serve as bases for the twin frenched antennas
  • Neon accent lighting inside and out
  • Rear window replaced with backlit fan motif, images from the rear facing video camera are displayed on an LCD display mounted atop the dashboard in a hand formed alloy blister
  • Power Trunk lift and remote controlled door popper

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