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Malks background in the old car hobby is extensive and he has not relied on just his own expertise to create this book--he has asked the sage advice of many other knowledgeable individuals. The result is a book that is both informative and has the potential of saving the old car owner a lot of money.

It is well written and covers almost all aspects of the operation of classic cars in an interesting fashion. Malks describes in detail everything from corrosion and how to stop it, to how oil and other lubricants become contaminated and how to fix it.

The mysteries of electrical systems are covered as well as lighting issues, both common head scratchers for old car guys.

New fuels and their relationships to old cars are also explored in detail, along with an interesting history of the constantly changing formulation of car fuels. This chapter alone makes the books purchase worthwhile for any vintage car owner.

I have been in the old car business a long time and I field a lot of daily questions about how to care and maintain old cars but I found plenty of new information in this book which I will definitely put to good use in the future.

I wanted to rate this book four stars, but in taking another look at it, I can see no reason not to give it five.

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