Bugatti Aerolithe Project

Bugatti Aerolithe Reveal in Kuwait

Well I just got back from Kuwait where the car was publicly unveiled at the Kuwait Classic and Antique Car museum in Kuwait City.

Wow is an appropriate comment on the occasion. It was spectacular. The museums organizers, Mr. Zak Dashti and Mr. Mustafa created an amazing gala evening which presented the car in a magical setting.

In 1936 a Bugatti engineer presented Jean Bugatti with a painting of the Aerolithe. We used that painting to guide our colour decisions while building the car. In Kuwait the painting was reproduced life size without the car in it. Instead our Aerolithe was placed in the setting and it was absolutely dramatic. Actually the museum recreated the painting three times. Once in its original size which sat on an easel beside the car, once in a large backdrop for the gala which sat as a backdrop for the stage and again even larger as a backdrop on the rear wall of the museum for the public display.

At eight o clock the guests started to filter in amongst whom were the Italian Ambassador, many of Kuwait’s rich and famous and very importantly His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah who is the museum’s patron and a very important member of the Royal Family and Kuwait’s government. He was also a really nice chap who knows his cars.

After a conversation with His Highness I was asked to give a talk on the car and my experiences building it and then, to great fanfare His Highness unveiled the car.

This is where Wow is really appropriate. There was a barrage of camera flashes and the crowd surged around the car. It was unveiled to great applause and was truly the high point of the car’s build. It made both Chris Ohrstrom, the car’s patron and I very proud of what we had accomplished.

Later that evening Chris and I along with a very few others were invited to have lunch with His Highness at his palace the next day. The next day we spent a very leisurely couple of hours with his Highness and had a fabulous lunch.

Did I say Wow?

Bugatti Aerolithe Reveal in Kuwait

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