Bradford, Ontario, Canada

**FOR SALE** 1920 Samson Model M Tractor

1920 Samson Model M Tractor

This 1920 Samson Model M was found in excellent condition. We acquired from a museum collection, so it had been well preserved over the years. Even the wooden steering wheel was still intact. Currently the tractor is undergoing restoration. The steering wheel has been restored back to original, paint is complete along with a few engine repairs and new gaskets, the carburetor and magneto will also be gone through and rebuilt before completion. This Model M Features 3 bolt hubs on the front wheels – meaning wheel bearings opposed to cast pillow blocks. It also sports a flat fan belt. Lots more info available at

Call for details on this 1920 Samson Model M Tractor. 905-775-0499.

Email The Guild of Automotive Restorers for more details.

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